1. How secure is Digital Golgi?

Our proprietary technology encrypts your API keys as soon as you connect them to Digital Golgi. The encryption key is stored locally on your computer and an encrypted API key is saved in our database preventing anyone from accessing our user's funds in the case of a data breach. 

2. How secure is your cloud storage database?

Digital Golgi utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host all of our algorithms and data. AWS is a leading service for cloud storage and is used by companies such as Coinbase, FINRA, Netflix, and Spotify.

For more information on the security of AWS, please visit: https://aws.amazon.com/security/

3. Where do I find my APIs?

An API, or application programming interface, is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols  and tools for interacting with an exchange’s existing architecture and database. By connecting your exchanges to Digital Golgi, you are able to view your order history, enact trades, and view the performance of your portfolio in real-time. Through the usage of APIs, your Digital Golgi can communicate commands to your various exchanges and make your trading simpler and seamlessly.

The API key associated with the exchange you are trying to connect can normally be found in the account settings of that particular exchange. It is important to store your API secret in a safe location after generating your APIs, as you will not be able to retrieve it and will have to create a new key if you disconnect your API. For an in-depth guide to setting up your APIs, please reference our How it works page.

4. Can I use any any old API key I created a while back?

In our experience, it is preferable that you create new API keys as using an older key might increase the chances of that key being invalid. If you use and invalid key, Digital Golgi will return an internal server error. 

5. Wait... do you have access to withdraw all the coins from my exchange?


Your APIs only have to be enabled to access your data and trade to use the majority of the functions of Digital Golgi. It will not be able to withdraw any funds out of your account, just execute trades for you. No, we can't deposit coins either. Nice try though.

6. Where are my coins stored?

All currencies are stored in the wallets associated with the exchange they were purchased through.

At Digital Golgi, we provide a portfolio management tool to that simplifies and accelerates your investments within the particular exchange that you have connected. We do not provide wallets to store your digital assets.

7. Is this like Coinbase?

Digital Golgi does not allow you to buy digital assets directly from your bank account.

We automated your trading by converting your fiat to the necessary amount of BTC/ETH needed to purchase the desired altcoin and communicate such instructions to enact trades simultaneously across all connected exchanges.

8. This is super cool, but I want more. Could I request you to build something for me?

We would love you to do that!

Here at Digital Golgi, we believe that the best tools only come alive when the ingenuity of product design unites with the necessity for derived from its users. 

Join our telegram or reach out to alex@digitalgolgi.com to help create a new future for crypto trading.